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Browning’s Plumbing
License: 59604
1503 DeBenedetti Ct.
Benicia, California
Voice: (800) 794-7586


  • “As air conditioning contractors, we work with them quite often. They are very good, and they’ve been very good to us. Whenever one of our customers needs a plumber, we always refer them to Browning’s.”

  • “We found Browning’s in the Good Service Guide, and they’ve been out to help us a couple times. We had a toilet improperly installed by someone else, and it was leaking through to the garage. They fixed it right up, and were so polite and great.”

  • “Our rental company has 4 buildings, and they’ve done work on all of them. They’ve replaced the heaters, pumps, pipes— you name it. They really know what they’re doing, and I think they’re just fabulous.”

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An anonymous reader recently sent in one of our Report Cards recommending that we include Wallace Browning in The Good Service Guide. What she didn’t know was that several other readers had also told us about this neighborhood plumber.

Wallace is a full-service plumbing contractor with 37 years of experience doing everything plumbing related—from kitchen and bath remodels to unclogging drains, fixing leaks, changing faucets, servicing water heaters, and installing gas, water and sewer lines.

“My truck is stocked with all the parts I need,” he says. “That means I can save you time and money. I’m also happy to install any plumbing fixtures that you might buy, and can supply any that you need.”

Raised in Concord, Wallace started his plumbing business eleven years ago. He makes house calls five days a week, and Saturday mornings by appointment.

As well as installing and servicing water heaters (you can prolong your water heater’s life indefinitely if you have it cleaned every few years, he can install a special device to prevent water damage from water heaters and washing machines, and supply you with an environmentally safe, non-chemical cleaner to keep drains clear and flowing smoothly.

He also does plumbing inspections for anyone who’s thinking of buying or selling a home. “I will give you an on-the-spot, written report on areas that need attention, with estimated repair costs. It’s useful information that can save both parties money.

“I usually work by myself, and I guarantee everything I do.

“Why have an inexperienced technician come to your home, when you have a certified Master Plumber for the same price? I always show up on time, and can take care of all your plumbing problems, from water heaters to sewer lines, and everything in between. Find out more at my website:”

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