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  • “I had a very good experience with them. We wanted someone to bolt our house down, and other companies said they would have to open the walls and do all of this work, but Earthquake Safety were able to do it without all of that trouble. They were in and out really quickly and there were no problems. But if we have an earthquake and the house falls down, I’ll call you back!“

  • “They came out, inspected the underpinnings, and found the footings were not braced for earthquake resistance. They brought out a crew, and 2 days later they had beefed up all the supports. The city inspector checked it out and said it looks great! I enjoyed using them.“

  • “My home is four houses down from the fault line, so I wanted to have it retrofitted. They did an excellent job, everyone I dealt with was really nice, and I feel better having done it.“

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Equity rich East Bay homeowners are turning their properties into sumptuous palaces—then failing to make sure their homes will withstand the next (long overdue) earthquake. That’s a risky gamble, given that effective earthquake bracing is relatively inexpensive – typically, between $6,000 and $8,000—and is quickly installed, usually in a couple of days.

“People are in denial,“ says Greg Prinsze of Earthquake Safety. “Either they’re hoping that there won’t be another big earthquake, or they’re thinking that because their house made it through the 89 Loma Prieta quake, they’ll be OK.“

“Earthquake bracing is proven to work,“ he explains. “After each West Coast earthquake, we tour the damaged areas and routinely see that homes which survive with little or no damage have been professionally braced.“

As the Bay Area’s leading seismic bracing company, Earthquake Safety has reinforced and secured more than 5,000 East Bay homes in the past 21 years.

“Residential seismic bracing is all we do,“ says Greg. “We have tremendous experience with East Bay homes, and with different terrain and geology.

“We have a full-time architect on staff, and we work with respected local structural engineers if necessary. We have three crews of specialized craftsmen, each of whom has been with us a long time. We do top-quality work at competitive prices.

After inspecting your home, Earthquake Safety will send you a detailed diagnosis and proposal. Then they will meet you again, to explain why this is the most cost-effective solution for your home.

“We don’t rush people,“ says Greg, “We want them to know exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how the work we do will protect them in an earthquake, so that they feel secure in their investment.“

Given the value of Bay Area homes and the inevitability of the next big earthquake, it only makes sense to reinforce your home. Why take the risk? Earthquake Safety offers professional, detailed consultations at no charge.

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