Vintage Contractors

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Vintage Contractors
License: 416130
2367 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Voice: (707) 253-1841


  • “I was referred to them by a friend of mine to work on a residential roof deck design and build project. I am an architect, and together we came up with the design and it turned out gorgeous. I would use them again and would definitely refer them to other people.” M.B. 11-13-04.

  • “I am a general contractor, and I am very pleased with the responses I get when I use Vintage Contractors on a job. They have great products and are very competent. A well-organized company, and always on-time— something rather uncommon!” J.B., 11-12-04.

  • “They did some turf in one section of my yard, and a half-basketball court. I was out there everyday while they were working, as this project was my baby. I am not an easy person to work with, but they listened to all of my suggestions, and made sure I was happy. I would give them your highest mark. Complete professionals.” M.C. 11-19-04.

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If you’ve got an area of level yard that you don’t know what to do with, an ugly driveway that’s slowly disintegrating, or an existing roof deck that needs repair or waterproofing, call Vintage Contractors. With their line of specialty coatings and techniques, they renovate cracked and crumbling paved areas(driveways/walkways/garages) with decorative, non-skid coatings. In addition, they are experts in the construction of tennis and sport courts.

In business since 1979, Vintage Contractors is run by Chip Moreland and Tony Edwards. “We’re a specialty surfacing contractor,” says Chip, “We improve level areas and put them to different uses.

“Recently, we took a yard that was just a mass of weeds and old concrete and transformed it byconstructing an area for a batting cage with synthetic turf and adding a half-basketball court with a cushioned surface. The recreational improvements took advantage of every niche in the property and still allowed for the owner to add aesthetically pleasing landscape features.

“We showed the owner different options, helped him de-sign his ideal space, and then installed it. He’s delighted.”

Many Bay Area homes have flat roof deck terraces over living areas. These roof decks are a challenge for owners to maintain and keep waterproof. Vintage Contractors is expert in the technical aspects of waterproofing flat decks and providing functional, durable surfaces.

Another aspect of their business is restoring and resurfacing driveways, garages and sidewalks, providing non-skid textures and making them much more attractive.

“There’s an amazing range of possibilities,” says Chip. “Call us and let us show you what we’ve done for other homeowners, and how we can design and install an attractive, permanent solution for your home.”

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