Aarvaks Heating & Air Conditioning

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Aarvaks Heating & Air Conditioning
License: 709492
723 Dwight Way
Berkeley, California
Voice: (510) 848-5010
Also listed in:
Contra Costa County
San Francisco


  • “I would recommend them very highly. I am a general contractor, and I’ve known them for many years and used them many times. They always perform well. They are very responsive. I am sure your clients will be happy with them.”

  • “As a single woman, I don’t know much about heating and air conditioning. It’s not really my forte. I found Jeff to be incredibly helpful, patient, reasonable and knowledgeable. You can’t say that about too many contractors.”

  • “I’m a general contractor, and they’re tops on my list! They’re reputable, on time, do what they say, are easy to work with, and clean. Professionally, they are leaders. They never let me down!”

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Springtime is the right time to get your air conditioning system ready to pump fresh, cool air during those hot summer days. You’ll get better rates on service, upgrades and new installation—and, by making your system energy-efficient, save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills.

“Regular maintenance pays for itself in lower energy bills and longer system life,” says Jeff Geier of Aarvak’s Heating & Air-Conditioning.

“Our trained technicians change filters, lubricate moving parts, and check air quality,” says Jeff. “We do a thorough inspection for problems which might make your system perform below potential.”

Jeff Geier is proud to be continuing a family business which was founded in 1929. Aarvaks installs new air-conditioning systems, air cleaners and humidifiers throughout Contra Costa County. They service existing systems with annual tune-ups, and can upgrade them with inexpensive high efficiency filters that are much more effective than older models.

“We do all our own electrical, plumbing, refrigeration and sheet metal work,” Jeff explains. “You’ll be dealing with us and our employees, not subcontractors. We’re a full-service company.

“By making people’s air-conditioning and heating systems more efficient, we can keep their homes cleaner, provide them with fresh air, save them money, and protect the environment, all at the same time.”

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