Affordable Housecleaning

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Affordable Housecleaning
110 O’Rourke Drive
San Pablo, CA
Voice: (510) 599-4434
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Contra Costa County


  • “They are fantastic! We’ve been using them for at least 10 years, and they are top of the line. They come out once a week, and also help my wife out with parties. We trust them implicitly, and Rafael is a really sweet guy. I can leave money scattered around the house, and know it will still be there when they leave. Their word is their honor.”

  • “I rate them very highly. Rafael has been taking care of my large home for several years, his workers are always on time, and I am completely satisfied with his excellent service.”

  • “We found him 2 years ago, and he is amazing. One of the best housecleaners we’ve ever had. He is very trustworthy— he has a key to our house, and even helped us out with our dog when my wife was in the hospital expecting quadruplets! He cleans the house across the street for two police officers, and we’ve hooked him up with a few other people as well.”

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Too busy for housework? Affordable Housecleaning is “very affordable”, according to owner Rafael Villanueva.

“We can take care of all your cleaning chores, and we will work very hard to please you.”

We heard about this company when a reader of The Good Service Guide – one of their happy clients – called us to recommend them for inclusion.

Rafael started his company in 1998, after spending nine years as a Custodian Supervisor at U.C. Berkeley. He personally meets each new client to determine their requirements, and he still works on almost every job, usually with one or two employees.

“Everyone who works for me is an employee. I screen each individual for trustworthiness, make sure that he or she is covered by California Workers Compensation and is very well trained.

“I send all my employees to regular safety training. I have a business license and run a completely legitimate operation according to all regulations. My clients entrust me with their house keys and alarm codes.”

Rafael and his people do all standard housecleaning, and more. They will dust, mop, vacuum, polish furniture and make your bathroom sparkle. They’ll change your sheets and put a load of laundry in the wash. They’ll watch your pets while you’re out of town. They clean refrigerators and ovens, sweep porches and decks, water your plants and do pretty much any domestic cleaning chore. Their specialties also include move-ins and move-outs, and construction cleaning.

“We are very flexible,” Rafael explains. “Once we get to know your preferences, we will clean and tidy your home just the way you like it. I guarantee our work, customer satisfaction is our motto.”

One call does it all. You’ll love coming home to a clean house.

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