Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning

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Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning
License: 489501
1451 32nd St.
Oakland, CA
Voice: (510) 893-1343


  • “They were outstanding, from the engineers to the servicemen. Neat, timely, and the follow-up has been great. This is real value for your dollar.“

  • “They re-did our duct work for us 5 years ago, and then recently came back to install a new heater and air conditioner. They tried a lot of different things when they were doing the bids to give us the best price and best result. We’ve already recommended them to some friends.“

  • “They installed a brand new furnace for me, and when it came time to change the filter they came out and showed me how. They were such nice guys! They came when they said they would, and took as long as they said they would take. Everything was great.”

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Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Oakland and Berkeley residents since 1908. Owners Bob and Lisa Tuck are the third generation of Tucks to manage the company Bob’s grandfather founded at the beginning of the century.

The family tradition also includes the company’s employees, many of whose fathers and brothers also worked at Atlas before them.

“We have some wonderful people working here,“ says Lisa. “And many of our customers have been using us for over 30 years. We’ve seen their children grow up, move into homes of their own and call us for service.“

Atlas represents several major manufacturers of furnaces, air conditioners, thermostats, and electronic air cleaners—and they use only the finest, longest lasting materials for their duct systems.

Their fifteen-man installation department allows them to respond quickly to customers’ needs while smaller shops are struggling to keep up. A separate service department has eight trucks on the road, making house calls, cleaning ducts, and tuning up heating and air-conditioning systems.

For do-it-yourselfers, they have a parts department stocked with all the parts you’ll ever need, and a design-build consultation service.

Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning was highly rated for service in a recent survey of Bay Area heating and air-conditioning consumers.

“We’re part of the community,“ says Bob. “We feel personally responsible for each of our employees, and for every system we install.“

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