Aurora Painting & Decorating

(Painter, Waterproofing/Leak Solving)

Aurora Painting & Decorating
6614 Deakin St
Berkeley, California
Voice: (510) 655-9267


  • “They did a fantastic job! Dean is an artist, and it shows in his work. You can trust his judgment in color and finishes. But he and his crew also do exactly what they said they will do, and in the time that they say. He’s very meticulous. My neighbor also used him after seeing his work at my house in Richmond.”

  • “I feel lucky to have found them. They did a lovely job on my kitchen in Piedmont. I’m certainly going to use him again. He was always on time, and very professional.”

  • “Dean really went the extra mile when he painted my beautiful Julia Morgan home in Berkeley. He did excellent work, and he treated me and my home with respect. Like all the people I have used in The Good Service Guide, he does quality work. I’m glad you’re including him.”

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Dean Byington got his Master’s Degree in Fine Art at UC Berkeley, and sees house painting as a natural extension of his training. Dean’s artistic background, (he still exhibits his work at “name“ galleries in San Francisco), comes in handy when it comes to helping homeowners choose colors and finishes.

He has an artist’s intuition as to the effect you’re trying to achieve, and can translate your ideas into the look you want.

“I’m relentless about helping people get the exact color or shade,” says Dean. “I just spent a week mixing and matching a specific shade of green for a client. We’ve done Victorians where the color scheme involved coordinating seven colors.”

Dean believes that a superior paint job begins with thorough preparation. He and his crew are dedicated to high quality craftsmanship.

Aurora Painting & Decorating specializes in waterproofing and wood preservation, using penetrating epoxy resins which seal and protect window frames and wood trim from rot.

They work on a wide range of residential properties where affordability is key. “We can usually meet people’s budget goals,” Dean explains. “We can suggest different options so that you don’t have to compromise on quality.

“We’re a small company and a great bunch of guys. People like us, and we end up becoming their friends. The main thing is that we handle every detail, every customer need. We take the time to prep every inch of each surface—I cannot stress that enough—so that your home will keep looking beautiful for years to come.”

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