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Columbine Landscaping
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  • “They re-did my whole front yard, hand built stone walls and terraces, and made a very lovely space. They put in a sprinkler system and ground cover, and made the whole yard look brand new. That was 6-8 months ago, and she’s already followed up to replace some plants and put down more ground cover. I can call her any time and she will follow up.”

  • “I used their design and build service. The stonework they did in my backyard looks like a mural! You should come take pictures of it. They stuck to the timeline and stayed within my budget. I would give them nothing but A’s!”

  • “Columbine Landscaping has saved me a lot of time and money. They put in a tropical garden, expanded the patio, and updated the irrigation system. They’re really on top of it, know their plants, and are very professional. They’re always on time. I have total confidence in them.”

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Gary and Jenny Rieger, the husband and wife team who run Columbine Landscaping, have been beautifying East Bay gardens for 15 years.

“In designing a landscape I determine the ‘feel’ and garden style that a client is looking for,” says Jenny. “I then consider which plants and design elements would best satisfy their requirements and suit their situation. Some people may want a private sitting area, others might want a rock wall or a lovely flagstone patio.”

Jenny has a degree in horticulture from UC Berkeley Extension. She specializes in the design and planting side of the business, while Gary supervises construction and irrigation installation.

Columbine Landscaping’s services include design and specialized planting, irrigation and drainage systems, flagstone patios and walkways, stonework, retaining walls, decks, fences and arbors.

You’ll want to know all your options before making a decision. Gary and Jenny will suggest and explain different design directions and possibilities. Working with you, they will create a landscaped garden that is practical and a visual delight.

Top-quality materials are very important in putting together a successful landscape. “We search far and wide for healthy plant stock that will thrive for years to come.”

As part of their commitment to customer service, Gary and Jenny regularly revisit their newly installed gardens to make sure the plants are established and thriving.

“People benefit from our horticultural knowledge“ says Jenny, “and also from our experience of what plants thrive in the East Bay. Satisfying our clients is what’s most important to us. We will design and build you a landscape that you will enjoy for a long time.”

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