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Hassler Heating & Air Conditioning
License: 770180
731 Balra Drive
El Cerrito, California
Voice: (510) 848-3030


  • “They took out a 60-year-old furnace, did the asbestos removal, and replaced it with a brand new energy efficient furnace. Mike was very thorough. I certainly would recommend them.”

  • “We were really happy. Mike seemed really honest, and presented us with different options. We had a water heater replaced. He was very thorough, and came back to fine tune things. He was referred to us through the Good Service Guide.”

  • “Mike is one of the good guys. He’s honest, smart, and clean. They installed a water heater and furnace. I like Mike’s follow through— he came back and made sure that the heat was even in every room of the house. I’d like to see him succeed. A rare find.”

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Mike Hassler makes East Bay homes warm and toasty by replacing the old, inefficient heating systems found in so many local homes with high-efficiency, forced-air, central heating.

Obviously, it costs money to replace a furnace—but a new heating system will heat your entire home, for what you pay now to heat just part of it. You’ll immediately notice the difference to your comfort, and greatly improved air quality.

“I specialize in upgrading older local homes and making them more comfortable,” says Mike. “I’ve been working on these houses for many years, so I know how to overcome their structural limitations.

“Wherever possible, I try to use the existing ducting and heat registers as I can, in order to minimize patching that may need to be done to your walls or floors.”

Mike has more than 10 years of experience working on the heating systems found in East Bay homes. As well as upgrading and replacing furnaces and water heaters, he does all kinds of repairs and routine service work, and he will also strap furnaces and water heaters for seismic safety.

Interestingly, he doesn’t offer duct cleaning. He believes that duct cleaning is a tactic to scare people into spending money unnecessarily. He says that it’s much more important to have a good filtration system in the heating unit. Cleaning can damage or puncture the ducts, often exacerbating air quality problems, and causing a more costly repair.

“I like working directly with homeowners,” says Mike. “You’ll deal with me from start to finish, from my initial estimate to the installation.

“If you have an old furnace which is heating perhaps a third of your home, I can dramatically improve your comfort—while keeping your heating bills at the same level, or even less.”

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