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  • “Larry is amazing! I am a working mother with an unbelievably messy house. Between the pets and the kids, the carpet was scary. Larry got it all spotless in one day, and did it for 1/3 the price I was quoted by someone else!”

  • “I don’t think there’s anybody better. I am a carpet retailer, and I don’t recommend anyone else to my clients. He is so clean— his equipment is sparkling brand new! I’ve never seen anything like his service. The solutions he uses are the best on the market. I tried him myself and he got out a stain that had been there for years. I’ll sing his praises any day!”

  • “I am extremely happy with him. I work with senior citizens, and they always call to thank me for sending Larry over. He is just great— one of the most credible people I work with. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher than Larry Lynch!”

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Even though you can’t see the dirt on your carpet, it’s there and it gets ground into the fibers, wearing out your carpet sooner. There’s also pollen, dust and dander that contribute to allergies and breathing problems.

For homeowners wishing to upkeep their carpet, Larry Lynch’s advice is to vacuum regularly, and have your carpets steam cleaned at least once a year.

After hearing Larry’s customers rave about what a great guy he is, we felt confident in telling our Good Service Guide readers about his steam carpet cleaning services. One carpet retailer told us Larry is the only carpet cleaner she will recommend to her clients!

“I primarily focus on customer service, and making sure my customers are happy,” Larry says. “I take time to find out what their needs are, and do the very best job I can. I am professional and I pay close attention to detail.”

Larry has been steam cleaning carpets in the east bay for 5 years, and uses the strongest biodegradable, water-based chemicals on the market. (And if you ever need entertainment for a wedding or corporate event, Larry is the leader of a terrific band that does covers of music ranging from Frank Sinatra to the Top 40 hits.)

“My chemicals are environmentally friendly, and are powerful enough to get your carpet clean while still being safe,” Larry explains. “There is no after-smell, and I use just the right amount of water so your carpet won’t get waterlogged, and will dry as quickly as possible.”

He also cleans area rugs, sofas, love seats, chairs, mattresses and anything else made of fabric.

Larry wears a neat-pressed uniform, and arrives at your door with a business card and immaculately clean equipment.

“I’m great around children and pets. I really want my customers to feel safe and comfortable with me in their home.”

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