Milburn Flooring

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Milburn Flooring
PO Box 745
Antioch, California
Voice: (888) 661-0116
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Contra Costa County


  • “We couldn’t even come close to matching Milburn’s prices on carpet, linoleum and laminate flooring. Their prices are excellent. Burt provides the good old-fashioned service that is so hard to find these days. He really goes the extra mile!”

  • “Burt provides excellent service! He replaced all the linoleum in our kitchen and laundry room at our home in Walnut Creek. It was less expensive than we anticipated and we are completely happy with the results!”

  • “I own several rental homes, and I have used Milburn Flooring to re-carpet all of them. I did a lot of comparison shopping before deciding on Milburn. They’re the best value out there.”

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Shopping for flooring? Whether you’re looking for carpet, area rugs, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood flooring, you’ll get the best prices and the best service on top-quality flooring at Milburn Flooring.

This low-overhead, local retailer works primarily through word-of-mouth. Instead of paying for an expensive showroom in a high-traffic retail location, Milburn Flooring brings the store to you. After an initial phone consultation, owner Burt Milburn loads a van with samples, then meets with you at your home.

You’re less likely to make expensive “mistakes” this way, because you’ll be able to see what different choices look like under your lighting and with your decor, while benefitting from their professional recommendations for your specific situation.

As you narrow down your selection, Milburn Flooring can further advise you, bring more samples – or you can visit their warehouse in Antioch.

“After shopping around, most people realize not just the value we offer, but also the quality of the service we provide,” explains owner Burt Milburn.

“We sell almost every kind of flooring product available. We almost always beat the prices of our competition, often by 40% or more. And that’s only on first-class, brand name products. We don’t carry seconds.”

Wall-to-wall carpet and area rugs, linolueum, vinyl, hardwood, Pergo laminates, ceramic tile – Milburn Flooring has access to virtually any type of flooring material you can imagine: literally thousands of top quality styles and color options, and all at excellent prices.

Milburn Flooring works with interior designers, property managers and builders, but specializes in working with home owners.

“I derive great satisfaction from seeing a home ‘before and after,’” says Burt. “Value, service and quality are what you can expect when working with us. People know that they are being taken care of, and that we will follow through from start to finish.”

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