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Superior Builders & Remodelers
License: 724629
364 40th Street
Oakland, California
Voice: (510) 658-7252


  • “We were so pleased with our kitchen remodel, we asked them back to do a bathroom. On both jobs, they came in on time, and on budget. They gladly made minor adjustments. They didn’t quit until we were totally happy.”

  • “He’s fabulous— totally oriented to his client, and very sensitive to any displacement the work may cause. He did a two bedroom/ laundry/ bath/ garage, and exterior hardscape for us. I put him in a category reserved for the rare few.”

  • “He has a stick-to-it-iveness that I’ve never seen with another contractor. We had a persistent leak— several other firms gave up on us, but Dave got on his hands and knees and found the microscopic crack that was the source of the problem. I’m a huge fan.”

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With East Bay homeowners having numerous quality remodeling companies to choose from, Superior Builders’ owner Dave Lorber knows the bar is set pretty high. What sets his company apart from the competition is his 30 plus years of experience, and the level of personal attention he devotes to every client.

“We are a reasonably-priced remodeling company which provides great design, beautiful finish work, and, above all, superior service.

“You might be able to match our work, but you won’t do better.”

Dave’s father began working for Superior Builders shortly after it was founded in Oakland almost 50 years ago. Having learned the business from the ground up, Dave took over the company in 1979 and he has been running it ever since.

Superior Builders specializes in kitchen & bath remodels, structural repairs, room additions, and tenant improvements

Dave is truly a master builder, and so are his specialized tradesmen. “I virtually grew up with these guys,” he says. “My electrician has 30 years experience, my plumber 20 years, my tile setter 15 years, and my granite guy also has 15 years. They have unbelieveable skills and knowledge. They allow us to provide first class catftsmanship and beautiful finishwork.”

From long experience, Dave knows that you have to be flexible. He is very candid with people – sometimes too candid, he says—about potential problems that can derail a construction schedule after work has started.

Often, however, it’s his clients who lengthen the project. “They tell us, ‘You guys are great, so while you’re here, why don’t you completely redo the kitchen and the laundry room, too!’

“This is a house they may be raising their children in, or living in for the rest of their lives. Our task is to give them exactly what they want. And what we want is for them to be absolutely delighted.”

“My heart is in this business. I love knowing that what we do is the best.”

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