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  • “We went with Phil because he was in The Good Service Guide, and also our perception that he could bring what we really wanted into our backyard, and within our budget. The choice of plants was completely his, and he did a super job. We’ve very pleased and we would recommend him to anybody.”

  • “We had a straight concrete walkway from our front door to the road, and we wanted that softened up a bit, so he and my husband bought a bunch of Mariposa blue slate together at the nursery. We were very active in selecting the plants as well as the design. It ended up a Mediterranean landscape, which is relatively low maintenance, with a drought resistant sprinkler system. We didn’t want grass, becuase we didn’t want to maintain it, but we wanted lots of color out front. Our whole concept has been achieved. It is kind of fun to walk out there and go ‘Wow, this is kind of a neat garden.’ And the cat likes it too. It is really, really nice.”

  • “I have been working with Birkmeyer Landscaping for the last 7 or 8 years, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are the best landscaping people that I have worked with. They are accommodating, on time, and their work is always the best. Phil Birkmeyer is just one of the best businessmen that I have ever worked with. We have established a warm friendship as a result of the satisfaction that my wife and I have had with his work. I give him a triple A rating and hope that my reference gets him the work that he deserves.”

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San Mateo County’s glorious Mediterranean climate means you can plant year round—but Fall is the best time if you want to have a flourishing landscape next Spring.

Phil Birkmyer has been restoring, designing and building landscapes in San Francisco and on the Peninsula for almost 30 years. In San Francisco, he works within the constraints of smaller lots to create tiny urban retreats; on the Peninsula he designs for clients with larger properties and grander visions.

“We work for some prestigious clients whose names we cannot reveal,” he says. “Sometimes we never even meet the client – we work with their property manager or architect.”

“We will gladly do small jobs,” say Phil, “But small does not mean ‘inexpensive’. We’re not gardeners. We cannot do anything for much less than $10,000. For that, we can work with you to create a basic design, lay out and install an irrigation system, and do some planting.”

Phil’s company specializes in ‘hardscape” – building custom brick, stone and tile patios, fountains, retaining walls, wooden decks, decorative screens and garden structures. He then integrates different plant species to produce a unique garden of great variety and beauty.

“Each client has his or her personal needs and desires for their garden, and each space presents its own set of challenges and problems,” Phil explains.

“We match the client’s ideals with the garden’s physical setting to produce a garden that is both aesthetically and functionally part of their lifestyle.”

Phil sees smaller lots as an asset, rather than a detriment. “A small space can convey a feeling of warmth and privacy,” he explains. “It means you can feature plant and design subtleties which would be lost in a larger garden.”

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