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  • “I’ve just sold the large home that E Solutions installed solar panels on. I can’t remember exactly, but I would say that we immediately saw an 80% reduction on our utility bills. Jeff really knows what he’s doing when it comes to solar power.”

  • “We put in a 10KW system after interviewing a half a dozen companies. Everything they promised was delivered, exactly as expected. The system is now up and running. I got my first PG&E bills, and they were all zero’d out, which I really like!”

  • “They installed a solar system for our swimming pool. I was very happy with the process, even more so with the results. It’s much cheaper than paying PG&E, which was costing us upwards of $500 a month! They are reasonable, pleasant to work with, and everything worked out just fine.”

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Tired of paying exorbitant monthly electric bills? Wishing you could power your home with a reliable, non-polluting, renewable source of electricity? You can! Solar technology is proven to work, and it’s available now.

E Solutions International will start saving you money today with their electricity-generating, residential/commercial solar systems.

“We will design and install a solar electric system appropriate to your needs, and which makes financial sense for you,” explains owner Jeff Owens.

“We do an energy audit at your home, to determine how you use energy during the year. Then we design a system that’s appropriate to your situation.”

Although each home is different, the savings are universal, and there are several financing options available. After a few years, the system is paid off, and you never have to pay for electricity.

You can even sell the excess power you generate back to PG&E! (however, they’ll credit you for your power at the same rate they sell it for, so don’t expect a check!)

With over 30 years experience in residential and commercial electrical contracting, J&J Owens Electric, Inc., (see listing on page 38) has the knowledge and expertise to correctly analyze your home electrical system and its efficiency.

“This is still a fairly expensive system,” Jeff explains. “But when you realize that you won’t have to pay a PG&E bill for 40 years – the panels’ expected lifespan – it makes total sense.” (PG&E will charge $5/month for meter reading.)

If you still need convincing, the State of California is currently offering a 50% cash rebate on residential solar-generated electricity systems. On commercial installations, you can get back around 60% of the total cost through Federal incentives.

“Solar-generated electricity is reliable, silent, and non-polluting,” says Jeff. “There are no moving parts to wear out, and the system comes with 25-year warranty.

Imagine never paying an electricity bill again. Call Jeff and ask for a free audit. Or visit their website, where you can find out a lot more information about different systems, and even order a free solar audit.

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