Ernesto Moran

(Hair Stylist)

Ernesto Moran
Salon on the Square, 166 Geary St, Ste 1300
(Union Square)
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 392-2441
Ernesto Moran

Ernesto Moran

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San Francisco


  • “I am very obsessive about my hair and Ernesto is by far the best colorist I have ever been to. I even fly in from LA to have him cut and color my hair!”

  • “He is a wonderful hair stylist, a perfectionist. I get compliments all the time. I’m pretty picky about my hair, and I’ve been going to him for several years. I’m really happy with his work – he takes a lot of time, and does a really good job.”

  • “I’ve been coloring my hair for most of my adult life, and he is excellent. It’s never been as healthy and the color’s never been as good as when Ernesto does it. He helps me decide what works best with my face. I get more compliments now than I ever did before.”

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Thinking about coloring or tinting your hair? Help is at hand in the form of Ernesto Moran. This professional colorist can add soft shades and subtle highlights so that your hair looks natural, believable, and beautiful.

We heard about Ernesto from Laura Lucas, the San Francisco stylist we recommended until she married and moved out of state late last year. Laura said that Ernesto did the best color work she’d ever seen. So we sent the Publisher’s wife to Ernesto, and she pronounced him a “genius” after returning as a sun-kissed blonde. She sees him every six weeks or so.

Ernesto’s clientele of busy professional men and women drive to the City from all over the Bay Area to have him cut and color their hair.

An educator for Wella™, who teaches other stylists how to use their products, Ernesto prepares models for professional hair shows when not working on clients. He has a real flair for knowing which hair colors and styles will enhance different individuals’ skin tones and hair type.

“I give people what they want,” he explains, “while steering them away from styles that won’t compliment them. I can also show them flattering, fashionable looks they may not have considered.”

Ernesto does superb cuts, tints, rinses, highlights, perms, relaxers and hair extensions. He can match your natural hair color, hide gray, or bring out subtle gradations to give it dimension and new life.

“Nowadays, there’s simply no reason not to color your hair,” he says. “The products I use leave your hair looking healthy, sophisticated, and natural. I can do couture and fun colors, ranging from intense to soft and light – but most people want something a little more mainstream.”

The salon where Ernesto works is conveniently in the heart of Union Square. Take him up on his offer of a free consultation– you’ll be glad you did!

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