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American Home Renewal
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South San Francisco, California
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  • “They were really responsive and informative. It was nice to do business with them. Their competitive prices made a big difference in my choosing them, but once I saw how great their service was I knew I got far more than my money’s worth.“

  • “They put in new double-paned windows for us, and they were very professional and prompt. I also liked how they were so willing to explain their product and process thoroughly.“

  • “They’ve done windows for us twice. They did such a quality job! We had custom windows installed and they were great and fit exactly where the old windows had been.“

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San Francisco homes really take a beating from the weather. Salty sea air, fog, wind, and strong sunlight—all take a toll on exposed painted surfaces. A paint job is only good for about five years before it starts to crack and peel, and then you’re back to repainting again. The solution? Zero-maintenance siding.

Don’t dismiss the idea. The latest siding materials are virtually indistinguishable from wood, even from six inches away. That newly shingled home in your neighborhood isn’t covered in cedar shakes, but vinyl shingles whose grain and color variations look just like cedar or redwood. Unlike real wood shingles, however, these will never rot or need repainting.

“People are just blown away by how realistic it is,“ says Chris Spilly, production manager of American Home Renewal. “They always tell us that they would never dream of putting vinyl on their house until they see how we transformed their neighbor’s home.

“If you’re concerned about preserving the architectural integrity of your property, but you don’t want the continued expense and hassle of regular maintenance, let us show you some of the hundreds of homes we have restored in the City.

“We offer a huge range of colors to match any paint scheme, in horizontal or vertical cut boards, or scalloped multi-blended shingles that look just like redwood. You can’t tell it from wood, even holding it in your hand.“

Based in San Francisco, American Home Renewal has won numerous awards for their architecturally-sensitive custom renovations. They work closely with City inspectors and Design Review Boards. They only use their own employees and equipment (no subcontractors).

“We handle the entire job from start to finish,“ says Chris. “And we don’t take a penny until the job is complete, and you’re 100% satisfied.“

These durable, heavy-duty siding materials are a proven investment that will save you a fortune on painting—and keep your home looking crisp and trim for years to come.

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