American Roofing Company

(Roofing Contractor)

American Roofing Company
License: 432216
1616 16th St.
Suite 200
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 575-0916


  • “We found them in the Good Service Guide, and we were so happy with them! We had a leak during the rainy season and they came and fixed it at a terrible hour in the evening. They were able to take away our leak for the rest of the rainy season, and later they replaced the whole thing for a very competitive price. They did a great job.”

  • “I found them through the Good Service Guide and I love them! He did our job during heavy rains, and the next time it rained I called to thank him— I was so happy I no longer had water dripping from my chandelier! I am so glad that I chose them. His company is as old as I am, and that history and experience is very important to me. I also like that Larry is a native San Franciscan.”

  • “They are psychic when it comes to the weather! They had to wait to start the job due to rain, and the day after they completed my new roof it started to rain again! They are very efficient, did an excellent job, and left me completely satisfied.”

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Now’s the time to inspect and repair your roof. Come Fall, every roofing company in town is inundated with calls. By the time they get to you, a minor repair job may have caused thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

American Roofing Company is an established local roofing company. Since 1938, they have maintained a reputation for reliability, honesty, and efficiency.

American Roofing Co. employs highly-skilled, fully-trained roofers experienced in all the different types of roofs found in San Francisco. They specialize in tar and gravel, as well as modified roof systems and the pitched, multi-layer composition shingle roofs found throughout the neighborhoods.

“We provide potential customers with free, detailed quotations and specifications, together with our recommendations, at no obligation.”

“We give people a written, detailed appraisal of their roof’s condition, so that they can base their decisions on sound information.

“We don’t recommend unnecessary repairs, but we don’t hide the truth from them either. Whatever work needs doing, we tell people. We help them find the most economical solution.”

American Roofing Company’s crews are supervised by an on-site foreman with 25 years experience in the roofing industry. Call for a free roof inspection.

When checking American Roofing Co’s license status-– as we recommend all consumers do before hiring a contractor – be sure you check the correct license number (646428), and/or the exact name “American Roofing Co.” There are numerous other roofing companies with variations on this name, some of whom have complaints and/or expired licenses. Make sure you use the original American Roofing Co., serving San Francisco for over 70 years.

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