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  • “He helped rebuild our house after it was burned down in the Oakland Hills fire. He does very good work. He is careful, knows what he’s doing, and is a very ethical person.”

  • “We were very happy with him. He rewired our entire house and put in a very complex system. He did a great job, and he was always true blue!”

  • “He fixed all kinds of things for me, and I don’t know how he did it all, but he did. He is very competent, always prompt, and he works alone so there are no big crews taking over your home. We were so happy with him. I would definitely recommend him, and my recommendation is unequivocal.”

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Electrician Erik Bromberg usually works on his own. That keeps his prices reasonable (and quality high) because he doesn’t have the overhead of full-time employees.

Recommended by various home warranty companies who use him to do all their repair work in the City, Erik has been working in the trade for over 30 years, and is an honor roll member of the Better Business Bureau. He does all the typical electrician jobs – from installing phone lines, ceiling fans and spas, to completely rewiring Victorians and beefing up the circuits for a kitchen that’s being remodeled.

“I do everything from putting in a new electrical outlet, to complete lighting installations” he says. “I am very familiar with the funky wiring found in San Francisco homes, and I can plaster any new holes I have to make in the walls. I offer “Craftsman Quality” work at every stage of the job, and I exceed the San Francisco building codes to safely satisfy your electrical needs.”

Erik describes himself as an “ethical” service provider.

As well as troubleshooting and doing repairs, Erik specializes in low-cost circuit upgrades to boost your power and prevent fuses blowing.

Erik says his prices are very affordable, especially if you’ve got a job that will either require some time, or conversely if it can be done quickly and easily. He is also willing to help people troubleshoot over the phone -so if you think you can do it yourself, call Erik and ask him how to do it, and save yourself the money of having him come out.

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