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Cowden Automotive
875 Folsom (at Fifth St)
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 777-9858


  • “They are completely reliable, and they tell you if you don’t need something done. I really respect their work, and they’re so clean. I actually consulted them before I bought my Hybrid car to make sure that they could service it!”

  • “They are the best small business around! I like that they’ve had both women and men work on my cars. Paul is a wonderful man, from his demeanor to how he treats his employees. I’ve been using them 20-25 years.”

  • “They have taken care of my cars for 3 years. I have older cars (all 75,000+ miles) , so I need a good mechanic. I trust them completely, and I know they won’t rip me off. They’re friendly and wonderful, and their shop is spotlessly clean.”

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Cowden Automotive was recently voted “Best Auto Mechanic” in the 2002 SF Weekly Readers’ Poll. We’d already heard good things about this South-of-Market auto repair shop, so recently we took two cars there for routine service. We were delighted with our experience.

Owner Paul Cowden and his helpful, friendly staff took the time to make us understand exactly what was going on with our vehicles. They even had a box of spare parts they used to demonstrate what’s going on with our cars’ fuel injectors, brake drums, water pumps, and whatever!

“We want our customers to know what we’re doing, and why,” explains Paul. “We want them to be an integral part of any decision made about their car.”

Degreed in Aerospace Technology, Paul has been working on cars his whole life, starting with a 1954 Nash Metropolitan.

In 1977, one of his freelance customers was so pleased with Paul’s work that he funded Cowden Automotive’s startup.

Today, Cowden Automotive performs full maintenance on all Asian makes and models, as well as Saabs and Volvos, most German cars, Saturns and Jeeps.

“We believe that we offer better workmanship than a dealer, and our prices are less,” says Paul. “We won’t do things you don’t need. We consult with you, and give you the informtion to make the decision that’s right for you.”

“We try to save you money wherever possible, but we don’t cut corners on parts.”

“The bane of this business is not doing things right the first time, and having the customer come back. We understand that people have budgets, and mortgages to pay. We stand behind what we do. We want to be your car doctor for life.”

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