Excellent Carpet Cleaning

(Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning)

Excellent Carpet Cleaning
16 Graceland Drive
San Rafael, CA
Voice: (415) 821-9039
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Contra Costa County


  • “This is my third or fourth time using them, and I’m very pleased with their service. They always do a great job! They’re so good at what they do.“

  • “They’ve cleaned my carpets when needed, and also done my windows. They do a great job. They’ve gotten my carpet clean when it looked like an impossible task. They’ve really restored the quality of my carpets. I’ve recommended them to many people.“

  • “When we remodeled our house we used an upstairs bedroom as our kitchen/living room. I was getting ready to rip up the carpets when Excellent Carpet Cleaning came to clean them. I couldn’t believe how clean the carpets became!“

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It turns out that our very popular window-cleaning company, Excellent Window Cleaning, also cleans carpets. “It’s a small, but important part of our business,“ says owner Olivier Suzor.

“We only have one truck, and one carpet technician, Francisco, and we want to keep it that way. With bigger companies, you never know who you’re going to get. Francisco is friendly and people love him.

“We will only send you a different employee if Francisco goes on vacation. I constantly get ‘thank-you’ notes from clients, saying things like, ‘Our carpets have never looked so clean!’ Or they call afterwards to tell us what a fantastic job he did.“

Excellent Carpet Cleaning will remove most stains – including coffee, rust, gum, red wine, candle wax. (Realistically, however, some stains won’t come out, no matter what you do.) They also clean upholstery, berbers, and oriental carpets.

They just spent $17,000 to upgrade to the latest and best steam cleaning technology. The soap they use is bio-degradable, so there are no chemicals for kids to get in their mouths and noses.

“I’m very big on protecting the environment, and donate $10 000 of annual profit to various groups,“ Olivier explains. “This is not just a sales pitch. It is my commitment to the Earth.

“The price we quote you on the phone is firm, unless there has been a clear misunderstanding. It certainly won’t be three times the cost, like when you call the big companies, and we don’t try to ‘up-sell’ you with stain protection and other treatments. Scotchguard is great, but isn’t always necessary. It’s primarily a way to make carpet cleaners more money.

“If you’re absolutely not happy about the cleaning, we will reimburse you. So far, however, that’s never happened!“

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