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  • “I can say Michael was by far the best part of my remodel process. There were problems with everybody involved, except for Michael. He rode through the whole project— he was the one person I could always count on. I have nothing but the highest accolades for Michael. I’d be thrilled to be able to work with him again.”

  • “Michael is fantastic. If you’ve never been through a home remodel, prepare yourself. There were about a dozen people involved in this project, and Michael is easily the only one I would still talk to. From start to finish, he kept an eye on everything. He’s bright, and his aesthetic meshed with mine perfectly. He really grounded the project— he was the voice of sanity.”

  • “He did a kitchen remodel for us about 7 years ago, and then did a major home remodel. We needed his skills! He’s easy to work with, really listens, has a great sense of design, and great ideas. He was also good with our budget. He is an awesome architect.”

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How much does it cost to hire a good architect? Nothing – you can often pay the architect’s fee out of the money he or she will save you in construction costs. Not only will a professional architect give you a better designed remodel, one with greater comfort and functionality, you’ll also see a higher resale value.

Michael Mullin is a local architect who specializes in residential additions in urban environments. After helping an architect restore a Shaker village (at age 13!), he worked in Manhattan, designing low-income housing in New York City, as well as high-end projects for Shearson Lehmann Hutton.

Since moving to San Francisco in 1991, he has become deeply involved in community groups and neighborhood planning issues. He was a founding member of Castro Area Planning and Action, and has become an expert on the City’s building code. He knows how to get things done.

“I design additions where the homeowner, the builders, the City, and the neighbors are happy,” says Michael. “I’m a one-man business. I give each of my clients my personal attention.”

“I don’t have a specific style,” he says. “Every client has different tastes and every job is different.

“Recently I’ve been adding a lot of master bath suites, often the second one for the home. I’ve also designed at least 30 deck additions. Done well, a deck adds useful living space and real value. I believe that every home should be integrated with a garden or private outdoor space.”

After meeting with you and developing a design that fits your needs and your budget, Michael pulls the project together. He will draw up the plans, get them approved by the City and by your neighbors, and obtain competitive bids from different builders. Then he makes sure the contractor builds the project as specified.

Michael charges by the hour. He is most cost-effective on projects with budgets of at least $120,000, where he can often reduce a construction estimate by thousands of dollars simply by suggesting less costly alternatives.

Ask Michael to evaluate your project and show you his work (you can also see examples at michaelmullin.com). You’ll immediately see the difference that a professional architect can make to a remodeling project.

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