Pacific Roofing Company

(Roofing Contractor)

Pacific Roofing Company
License: 513313
1035 Revere Avenue
San Francisco, California
Voice: (415) 822-7000


  • “They recently finished the second job they’ve done for me, which was a complete roof replacement. They did great work, and were very conscientious and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone.”

  • “They are some of the finest people we’ve ever had work on our home. They did a good job, with no hype and at a good price. They showed up a few days after they gave the estimate, and finished quickly. I strongly recommend them.”

  • “They replaced my mother’s entire roof in Chinatown! There was a large amount of traffic and pedestrians, and Mr. Clark handled it so well. He stayed on site for the entire job. They showed me the wood rot in the old roof before they replaced it, which I really appreciated, and saved us $600 by carefully removing and re-using some of the existing metal materials on the roof. I was so happy with them I made them all pose for a picture and sent it to them as a thank you.”

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Pacific Roofing Company has been roofing San Francisco homes for 17 years. A member of the Better Business Bureau since 1988, this company specializes in residential roofing. Their motto is “Old World Craftsmen, and State-of-the-Art Workmanship.”

Owner Clark Ahn works on every job, and deals directly with homeowners on estimates.

A former engineer, Clark prides himself on his technical expertise, as well as on his honesty. “Homeowners appreciate dealing with a contractor they can trust,” he says. “Particularly when it’s a roofing contractor!

“I tell people the truth. Sometimes they want to put heavy tiles on a roof which isn’t strong enough to support them. Where some companies will take the job, I won’t because I want the roof to last. We have to maintain our reputation for lasting quality.”

Clark runs a crew of seven men, all of whom have more than five years experience in the trade, and who know how to clean up after themselves. This excellent crew has re-roofed some of San Francisco’s largest landmark buildings, hospitals and shopping centers, as well as thousands of homes.

While Pacific Roofing’s prices are competitive, they don’t skimp on materials or workmanship.

“I’m proud of the fact that many of our customers call us after we’ve left, just to thank us for a job well done. Call us any time for a free estimate.”

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