The Home Doctors

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The Home Doctors
License: 750354
31A Pamaron Way, Suite C
Novato, CA
Voice: (415) 883-4085


  • “I was referred to them 3 years ago, and since then they’ve done two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a sump pump. I had a home inspector later come out, and he even pointed out that their work is very high quality. They are friendly, and you can really trust them.”

  • “They did a closet expansion and recessed lighting in our kitchen. The quality of their work is good. I have had some nightmare experiences, but this time I was happy. They follow through with the details— and sometimes that’s just as important as the big job.”

  • “My friend discovered them, and I’ve been using them now for about 3 years. They show up on time, are very cooperative, responsive, and do exactly what I want. They fill the gap between the larger jobs and the handyman jobs. They’re the ones you want!”

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Chances are you’ve got more than a few repair jobs that need doing around your house. Perhaps you’d like some modest home improvements, like some new tile in the bathroom, or a breakfast nook in the kitchen. You’ll find that most builders don’t want to do small jobs.

Call The Home Doctors. Like their name says, partners Craig and Tapley Dawson make house calls, write prescriptions, and heal sick houses. Their skilled employees do all kinds of building and construction work, but specialize in home repair and remodeling.

Craig, Tapley and their crew have many years of experience working on a wide range of building projects. “We serve the residential or small commercial property owner who needs small repairs and remodels,” Craig explains.

The Home Doctors are licensed general contractors. They have the experience to do a variety of projects, large or small, including additions from the ground up, kitchen and bath remodels, ceramic tile and marble work, electrical and plumbing, windows, doors, skylights, sunrooms, painting, decking—you name it.

“We emphasize customer service and quality craftsmanship,” says Craig. “We keep our work area clean and organized, and we treat our clients and their homes with honesty and respect.

“We want our clients to be happy—not just with what they see, but with the whole experience.”

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