Kim’s Appliance Repair

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Kim’s Appliance Repair
4070 Mera Street
Oakland, California
Voice: (510) 436-5382


  • “He’s repaired stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers for me. If they can’t be repaired he tells me, and saves me money. All I have to do is call him and it gets done. My tenants have been very happy with him. He’s very polite and always gets the job done.”

  • “I have called on him for 13 years. I like him a lot. He has repaired my gas stove and my heaters, and I am very pleased with him. He is quite knowledgeable, dependable and his prices are reasonable.”

  • “He’s very good. He has most of his parts on his truck, so he doesn’t have to run around. He’s done practically everything for me— repaired stoves (gas & electric), refrigerators, and washer and dryers. He knows his work, and he knows his business.”

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Dong Kim, owner of Kim’s Appliance Repair, was recommended to us by the East Bay’s biggest appliance parts house, the place where professional repairmen get their parts. Kim, as he is usually called, is a highly organized, one man outfit who runs his business with his wife, Joung, who schedules his appointments and keeps things running smoothly.

With 13 years experience repairing all types of domestic appliances, Kim knows that waiting around for the repairman can be a major source of frustration. He schedules exact time appointments every hour, on the hour.

“If the appliance can’t be fixed within an hour, it probably can’t be repaired at all,” says Kim. “I usually complete my calls in one visit. I keep my truck stocked with every part I’ll ever need. I don’t want to have to drive back!”

Traffic permitting, Kim will be with you within half an hour of his scheduled appointment. Just in case he runs into a problem, he has a phone in his truck, so he can warn you if he’s going to be late. With his tightly-booked day, it’s not in his interest to get behind schedule.

Kim repairs all types of major household appliances: ranges, ovens, refrigerators, exhaust fans, garbage disposals, icemakers and washer/dryers, heaters, water heaters, furnaces and forced air central heating.

He does emergency repair calls whenever possible, or the next day at the latest. He is fully insured, and guarantees parts and labor for 90 days.

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